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Julius "iFeral" Pusila

Julius Pusila

About – The website, me, myself and I.

Welcome to my website! I’m 25-year-old human being specialized in software development. Website SEO and load speed enthusiast. Maybe coding some games on my spare time when my creativity (and players) say so.

Skills – Website and game development.

I was a software development student in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. The school gave me good basics to web development, I have learned WordPress on my own and am definitely liking it over other CMS. I’m a self-taught game developer. Unity is my go-to engine in game development.

I’m developing and maintaining many websites and some games.

I created a popular website called Free the V-Bucks – a guide website to earn V-Bucks for free in Fortnite which got multiple mentions on Forbes and social media.

My mobile game Streamer Sim Tycoon – a streaming simulator that got featured in Google Play on some countries and reached 500,000 installs 20/05/2020 on the platform.

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