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Journey Run patch notes

All Journey Run patch notes from the release to the present version. All changes are included in the changelog below.

💠Version 1.07💠
New features
– NEW ZONE: Witch Pass!
– NEW ZONE: Plunderlands!
– Added info/about button to the main menu.
– Improved sword hitbox.
Bug fixes
– Fixed Dark Realm’s gold and score farm exploit.
– Fixed rare bugs on death.

💠Version 1.06💠
– Reworked pet sprites to look more consistent.
– Mythical item unboxing glow is now more clear.
– Creatures’ death animation improvements.
– Hitbox improvements.
– Tutorial game speed is now faster.
Bug fixes
– Fixed rare cloud saving bugs on older devices.
– Fixed various menu bugs.

💠Version 1.05💠
New features
– Added Google cloud save features.
– Added death animation to creatures.
– New icon.
– New splash screen.
– New difficulty selection icons.
– Reworked weapon swing trail.
– Main menu UI improvements.
– Leaderboard UI improvements.
– Improved the look of Creeperland’s Plants.
– Treasure Room is now more likely to appear.
– Performance improvements.
– Visual improvements.
– Hitbox improvements.
Bug fixes
– Stuck bar will now properly hide itself when travelling.

💠Version 1.04💠
New features
– Added swing trail to weapon.
– Added button to show the whole “Best run” leaderboard.
– Improved the look of Cursed Grounds, Doomfields, Clay Canyon and Longroad.
– Improved loot chest opening and travel UI.
– Dry Zone’s Golden Eyes will trigger earlier.
– Hitbox adjustments.
Bug fixes
– Fixed a rare bug where Dark Realm was not ending when supposed to.
– Dark Realm’s flying eyes will now properly shoot it’s projectile everytime.

💠Version 1.03💠
New features
– Shield now pushes enemies away.
– New clearer shield block animation.
– Reworked all the character sprites to look more consistent.
– Added some particle effects to various actions.
– Added animation to hearts when damaged.
Balance adjustments
– Slight adjustments to Nightway, Creeperlands and Doomfields.
– Adjusted ads.
– Improved hit detection.
Bug fixes
– Taking damage after a successful block is now fixed.
– Jumping on the top of a creature now pushes the creature back.

💠Version 1.02💠
New features
– Retry button added to the score screen.
Balance adjustments
– Slightly reduced Creeperland’s Plants fire rate.
– Slightly nerfed Clay Canyon and Dry Zone bosses.
– Token price and gain adjustments.

💠Version 1.01💠
– Fixed a rare bug on some devices which caused saved data to be lost.