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Streamer Sim Tycoon patch notes

All Streamer Sim Tycoon patch notes from the release to the present version. All changes are included in the changelog below.

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– Fixed map colliders (school+top right Center)
– Fixed bug of missing buttons in the Wardrobe when buying cat or dog
– Various bug fixes
– Updated languages
– Ads will now start to load instantly after being skipped
– Swapped Yes and No buttons on Ad offer and added a little glow
– Added loader circle to Daily Ad button
– Added support for Chrome OS
– Removed unnecessary plugins and dependencies
– Updated Game Engine, plugins and dependencies (IAP, Ads, Google Play Games)
– Added fullscreen loader when buying Pink Bits

– NEW: you can now EXPLORE THE WORLD around you in free move!
– The world now has more points of interest and NPCs walking around!
– Free move can now be accessed by just tapping outside of the main menu
– NEW: Wardrobe v2! More items to equip and customize including PETS, improved UI, more parts (mask, boots) to color.
– NEW: Daily reward! Get Pink Bits by playing the game every day. More ways to earn are coming.
– NEW Level up and streamer title advancement animations and effects!
– NEW: Titles v2! Tweaked level requirements and added more streamer titles
– Tap on your level in the Stats menu to show more info about titles
– Added indicator when losing and gaining money or followers
– Added indicator when course is completed
– Added shiny effect to various buttons (Stream, ad, donate)
– Added Social Media banner to About menu and share reward popup
– Added loader image to Watch button when ad is not ready
– Added fullscreen loader when ad, IAP or Daily Reward is loading
– Added “Thank you” popup when purchasing IAP
– Added Shiny spinner behind IAP ads and share reward popup
– Leaderboard button now opens Any Day leaderboard of all time instead of the list
– Improved dialog text animation and tapping now completes it first before closing
– Made Sweet Spot module a bit more distinguishable
– Fixed some characters on the font
– Improved number formatting
– Improved Upgrade menu (and currencies on top of black overlay)
– Minor bug fixes (Special Offer translated, Double sound effects, iOS load menu)
– Major Game Engine and dependency updates
– Optimization for better performance and smaller app size
– Updated various languages (Indonesia, French, Polish)
– Achievements, leaderboards and IAPs (Only Android) are now translated to Finnish, French, German, Indonesia, Spanish and Turkish!

💠Version 1.08💠
– NEW: Chat events!
– Tripled the amount of different chat messages!
– Added background image for each game!
– Genres menu now shows your best game!
– Text in dialogs are now animated
– Menu tweaks
– Updated Turkish and Indonesian languages
– Game is now fully translatable
– Small performance tweaks
– Updated Game Engine
– Fixed crashes on older devices
– Updated many dependencies

💠Version 1.07💠
– NEW Language: Indonesian
– BETA TEST: Zoom-in while in the main menu to show a button to test FREE MOVE inside your house!
– Removed splash screen on startup to make the game load even faster!
– Added a lot more viewer names
– Updated some languages
– Updated About menu
– Tweaked some menu elements

💠Version 1.061💠
-Fixed crash on startup on some devices running Android 11
-Updated Italian, Dutch, German languages
-Updated Game engine

💠Version 1.06 patch notes💠
– NEW Languages: Italian, Czech, Ukrainian and Romanian
– NEW Accessibility options (to help left hand and colorblind people)
– Updated French and German
– Added the new native Google Play In-App Review popup instead of custom made
– Minor bug fixes
– Updated game engine and various plugins
– Updated Android API levels

💠Version 1.051 Hotfix💠
– Tech popup fix
– Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese language fixes

💠Version 1.05 patch notes💠
– NEW FEATURE: Technology upgrades! Stream Deck, Hype Meter module and Sweet Spot module!
– Donates now scale to end game but are more rare (16->12%), ads are more rewarding end game
– Added info button to Choose Game menu and updated visuals
– Chat phase is now working in 60 fps instead of 30
– Improved chat performance
– Switched to more efficient sprite packing
– Minor menu fixes (Kitchen Table popup and Rug skills)
– Added link to the game in share text
– Free item share indicator adjustments
– In-App purchases are no longer disabled when opening the Premium Shop in offline mode
– Added In-App purchase advertising
– Added share button and In-App Purchase emblems to Stats menu
– Sharing, Cloud load menu, item reward popup is now translated
– Languages will now get English value if no translation is found in used language
– Updated Turkish language
– Updated Game Engine

💠Version 1.041 patch notes💠
– NEW Headphones cosmetic when sharing the game with friends!
– Minor language fixes, including “NegChat2I” bug in Russian
– Fading chat messages should look a bit smoother

💠Version 1.04 patch notes💠
– NEW Random events: Rare chance that a global pandemic might occur, or you getting featured in the media!
– NEW: Grandpa may visit you on the weekends after moving out!
– NEW: Added buffs that last for specific amount of days
– NEW Animation when upgrading your house
– Day of the week is now displayed below day number
– Bigger tap area for Chat message buttons to be much easier to tap on smaller screens
– First chat message appears faster and Speed Ups don’t stack up messages
– Day, money and followers will now appear below any screen notches
– Countdown after an event during chat is now faster
– Day report now show payout sponsor zero in grey
– Added more variety to chat messages and chatters
– Added a bit more story to the start of the game
– Added animation when trying to replace a locked sponsor
– Courses button now show remaining days of current course
– Brazilian Portuguese is now correctly named
– Updated Google Play Games plugin to fix rare crashes
– Minor bug fixes and adjustments

💠Version 1.03 patch notes💠
– NEW Chat react effects!
– NEW Hair customization options
– NEW: You can now turn the character around at Wardrobe
– Updated Russian, Turkish, German language
– Menu Adjustments
– Performance improvements
– Game Engine update
– Minor fixes

💠Version 1.02 patch notes💠
– Fixed course sale percent not working

💠Version 1.01 (iOS only) patch notes💠
– Minor bug fixes
– Updated French language

💠Version 1.00 RELEASE PATCH patch notes💠
– NEW Leaderboards, 26 Achievements and Cloud Save
– NEW Fridge, kitchen counter, table, piano and rug upgrades
– NEW Upgrade for computer, screen, bed and stand
– NEW: Change color of max upgraded setup
– NEW Rare sponsors, legendary sponsors are more rewarding and rare
– NEW Pet: Dog as special offer!
– NEW: reacting correctly increases followers gained, up to 10%
– NEW: Every game have their own screen animation
– NEW: social sharing, notifications, two iAPs and rate the game prompt
– German, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, Brazil, Russian, Finnish, French language updates
– Fixed money and followers being hidden under the camera notch on Samsung S10 phones
– Boss Horizon renamed to Candy Clash
– Bug fixes
– Menu adjustments
– Game Engine update

💠Version 0.21 patch notes💠
– Hotfix wipe for followers bug

💠Version 0.20 patch notes💠
– NEW: Game choosing and game genre mastery systems!
– NEW: Look around by tapping and zoom in with pinching
– NEW character, screen and camera animations
– NEW stat tracking system (to be later used for achievements)
– Adjusted special legendary sponsors
– Tutorial adjustments
– More random options
– Special offers during stream are more rewarding
– Updated Spanish language
– Menu and sound adjustments
– App icon adjustments
– Performance improvements
– Major Game Engine update

Save data wipe had to be done because of big changes. No more wipes are planned.

💠Version 0.19b patch notes💠
– NEW Special legendary sponsors!
– NEW House upgrade!
– Payout sponsors can’t appear before day 15 and are more rewarding
– Day 3 and 4 is always a sponsor offer
– Courses are more likely to be on sale and more consistent
– Updated Russian, Spanish and Germany languages
– Attempt to fix the rare bug of losing save data
– Minor bug fixes
– Updated Game Engine
– 64-bit support

💠Version 0.18b patch notes💠
– NEW Languages: French and Turkish!
– Reworked chat to improve performance
– Added a few emotes, more names and messages to the chat
– Added a 3 second timer after an offer during stream
– Fixed chat messages appearing on top of each other after offers
– Smoother menu animations
– Language adjustments
– Menu adjustments
– Bug fixes
– Updated Game Engine

💠Version 0.17b patch notes💠
– NEW: Character customization! Unlock and change parts of your character and choose the color from the Wardrobe! Your Outfit level is now your Wardrobe’s level.
– NEW Languages: Spanish and Polish! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Language adjustments
– Menu adjustments
– Attempted to fix the rare bug of losing save data
– Updated Game Engine

💠Version 0.16b patch notes💠
– You can now set name for your channel!
– NEW Language: Russian! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Language adjustments
– Menu adjustments
– Font improvements
– Minor bug fixes

💠Version 0.15b patch notes💠
– NEW Upgrade levels: 4 for Computer and Screen, 3 for Table and 2 for Bed!
– NEW Language: Dutch! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Language adjustments
– Menu, Terrain and Upgrade adjustments
– Minor performance improvements and bug fixes

💠Version 0.14b patch notes💠
– Chat should no longer lag (report if it does)
– Chat messages’ buttons are easier to tap
– New language: Deutsch and Brasileiro! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Menu adjustments
– Minor performance improvements

💠Version 0.13b – Content, adjustments and fixes💠
– Chat messages are now a bit faster by default
– Chat messages will get faster when viewer count rises
– There will be even more messages on higher viewer count
– Bed and table can now be upgraded
– Adjusted Upgrades costs and amounts
– Upgrade menu now shows images of current items
– Added Upgrade particle effect
– Adjusted and nerfed Merchandise products
– No more buy offers what you can’t afford
– Ad offers scale better to the end game
– Sponsor offers are now a bit more frequent
– Added more random options to various systems
– Adjusted streamer titles, they go up to level 10 000 now
– Terrain updates and additions
– A lot of Menu updates and additions
– Fixed Gameplay points disappearing after buying house
– Implemented multi-language system
– Added language: Finnish (more to come!), join the Discord server to help translate
– Added “About the game” section
– Tutorial adjustments
– Added missing sounds
– Default volume is now higher
– Performance improvements
– Updated Game Engine
– Updated Android API levels
– Moved from Mono to IL2CPP scripting backend for even better performance

💠Version 0.12b – Performance patch💠
– Added some more randomization options
– Fixed 0.11b performance bugs
– Updated Game Engine

💠Version 0.11b – Balance patch💠
– Huge Merchandise nerfs and Sponsor buffs
– Courses and offers now scale better
– Balanced Skill price scaling
– Minor UI tweaks and bug fixes
– Minor optimization
This patch removes your save data. Hopefully no more wipes will be needed!

💠Version 0.10b💠
Initial release: Beta-version – The game is fully playable but more content will be added. The game’s systems may also need some balancing. All feedback appreciated!