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Streamer Sim Tycoon patch notes

All Streamer Sim Tycoon patch notes from the release to the present version. All changes are included in the changelog below.

💠Version 0.17b patch notes💠
– NEW: Character customization! Unlock and change parts of your character and choose the color from the Wardrobe! Your Outfit level is now your Wardrobe’s level.
– NEW Languages: Spanish and Polish! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Language adjustments
– Menu adjustments
– Attempted to fix the rare bug of losing save data
– Updated Game Engine

💠Version 0.16b patch notes💠
– You can now set name for your channel!
– NEW Language: Russian! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Language adjustments
– Menu adjustments
– Font improvements
– Minor bug fixes

💠Version 0.15b patch notes💠
– NEW Upgrade levels: 4 for Computer and Screen, 3 for Table and 2 for Bed!
– NEW Language: Dutch! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Language adjustments
– Menu, Terrain and Upgrade adjustments
– Minor performance improvements and bug fixes

💠Version 0.14b patch notes💠
– Chat should no longer lag (report if it does)
– Chat messages’ buttons are easier to tap
– New language: Deutsch and Brasileiro! Join our Discord channel to add your language!
– Menu adjustments
– Minor performance improvements

💠Version 0.13b – Content, adjustments and fixes💠
– Chat messages are now a bit faster by default
– Chat messages will get faster when viewer count rises
– There will be even more messages on higher viewer count
– Bed and table can now be upgraded
– Adjusted Upgrades costs and amounts
– Upgrade menu now shows images of current items
– Added Upgrade particle effect
– Adjusted and nerfed Merchandise products
– No more buy offers what you can’t afford
– Ad offers scale better to the end game
– Sponsor offers are now a bit more frequent
– Added more random options to various systems
– Adjusted streamer titles, they go up to level 10 000 now
– Terrain updates and additions
– A lot of Menu updates and additions
– Fixed Gameplay points disappearing after buying house
– Implemented multi-language system
– Added language: Finnish (more to come!), join the Discord server to help translate
– Added “About the game” section
– Tutorial adjustments
– Added missing sounds
– Default volume is now higher
– Performance improvements
– Updated Game Engine
– Updated Android API levels
– Moved from Mono to IL2CPP scripting backend for even better performance

💠Version 0.12b – Performance patch💠
– Added some more randomization options
– Fixed 0.11b performance bugs
– Updated Game Engine

💠Version 0.11b – Balance patch💠
– Huge Merchandise nerfs and Sponsor buffs
– Courses and offers now scale better
– Balanced Skill price scaling
– Minor UI tweaks and bug fixes
– Minor optimization
This patch removes your save data. Hopefully no more wipes will be needed!

💠Version 0.10b💠
Initial release: Beta-version – The game is fully playable but more content will be added. The game’s systems may also need some balancing. All feedback appreciated!