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Streamer Sim Tycoon 0.18-0.21 - Release candidate updates

We are moving out of beta soon! Game will also be released for iOS devices on release.

💠Version 0.21 patch notes💠
– Hotfix wipe for followers bug

💠Version 0.20 patch notes💠
– NEW: Game choosing and game genre mastery systems!
– NEW: Look around by tapping and zoom in with pinching
– NEW character, screen and camera animations
– NEW stat tracking system (to be later used for achievements)
– Adjusted special legendary sponsors
– Tutorial adjustments
– More random options
– Special offers during stream are more rewarding
– Updated Spanish language
– Menu and sound adjustments
– App icon adjustments
– Performance improvements
– Major Game Engine update

Save data wipe had to be done because of big changes. No more wipes are planned.

💠Version 0.19b patch notes💠
– NEW Special legendary sponsors!
– NEW House upgrade!
– Payout sponsors can’t appear before day 15 and are more rewarding
– Day 3 and 4 is always a sponsor offer
– Courses are more likely to be on sale and more consistent
– Updated Russian, Spanish and Germany languages
– Attempt to fix the rare bug of losing save data
– Minor bug fixes
– Updated Game Engine
– 64-bit support

💠Version 0.18b patch notes💠
– NEW Languages: French and Turkish!
– Reworked chat to improve performance
– Added a few emotes, more names and messages to the chat
– Added a 3 second timer after an offer during stream
– Fixed chat messages appearing on top of each other after offers
– Smoother menu animations
– Language adjustments
– Menu adjustments
– Bug fixes
– Updated Game Engine

Streamer Sim Tycoon

Streamer Sim Tycoon

In this streamer’s life simulation game you start your own broadcasting channel where you livestream content from you computer, upgrade your skills and rise to the top of all livestreamers!

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Journey Run

Journey Run

Begin your journey in the world overrun by dangerous creatures. Equip your sword and shield and get ready to run! Clear your way through the changing zones. How long can you go on?

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