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Streamer Sim Tycoon - 1.00 Release patch is here!

RELEASE PATCH 1.0 is LIVE! The day is finally here.

💠Version 1.00 RELEASE PATCH patch notes💠
– NEW Leaderboards, 26 Achievements and Cloud Save
– NEW Fridge, kitchen counter, table, piano and rug upgrades
– NEW Upgrade for computer, screen, bed and stand
– NEW: Change color of max upgraded setup
– NEW Rare sponsors, legendary sponsors are more rewarding and rare
– NEW Pet: Dog as special offer!
– NEW: reacting correctly increases followers gained, up to 10%
– NEW: Every game have their own screen animation
– NEW: social sharing, notifications, two iAPs and rate the game prompt
– German, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, Brazil, Russian, Finnish, French language updates
– Fixed money and followers being hidden under the camera notch on Samsung S10 phones
– Boss Horizon renamed to Candy Clash
– Bug fixes
– Menu adjustments
– Game Engine update

The game is now on App Store for iPhones and iPads! iOS App Store link.

Enjoy and remember to rate the game and send some feedback!
Thank you for playing and for all the support!

Streamer Sim Tycoon

Streamer Sim Tycoon

In this streamer’s life simulation game you start your own broadcasting channel where you livestream content from you computer, upgrade your skills and rise to the top of all livestreamers!

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Journey Run

Journey Run

Begin your journey in the world overrun by dangerous creatures. Equip your sword and shield and get ready to run! Clear your way through the changing zones. How long can you go on?

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