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Journey Run

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Journey Run 1.07 - Two new playable zones!

Witch Pass and Plunderlands

Version 1.07 is out! Two brand new zones to explore!

Witch Pass – Halloween themed, defeat the witch!
Plunderlands – The land of pirates and their inventions!

💠Version 1.07 patch notes💠
New features
– NEW ZONE: Witch Pass!
– NEW ZONE: Plunderlands!
– Added info/about button to the main menu.
– Improved sword hitbox.
Bug fixes
– Fixed Dark Realm’s gold and score farm exploit.
– Fixed rare bugs on death.

Streamer Sim Tycoon

Streamer Sim Tycoon

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Journey Run

Journey Run

Begin your journey in the world overrun by dangerous creatures. Equip your sword and shield and get ready to run! Clear your way through the changing zones. How long can you go on?

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